Woman, whose app-themed resume got her Spotify job, laid off

A woman who documented the journey of landing her dream job at Spotify, which started in 2021 thanks to a themed resume, has now shared she was fired in the recent layoffs. In April last year, Emily Vu was hired as a PM intern with the digital music service after her green and grey coloured resume, in sync with Spotify’s theme, went viral on Twitter.

A Spotify employee, who chanced upon the resume, had urged her to apply for a vacant position. Five months later, she was promoted to associate product manager position at the company. In a follow up tweet, she wrote,“Thank you to everyone who has followed my journey – i couldn’t have done it without y’all (seriously). i love the internet.”

Cut to 2022, Vu announced in the similar way that she shared her initial job updates, that she was sacked. On Wednesday, she posted her viral resume and wrote, “…I’m heartbroken that my time at Spotify was cut so short, but i’m excited to start this new chapter of my career.” She also added that she was on the lookout for new opportunities in the field.

Netizens poured in support for Vu with many wishing her the best for the “journey” ahead. One user lauded her app-themed resume and commented, “Your tweet (and design) spawned ten thousand copycats. You should be proud of what you accomplished.”

The Sweden-based music streaming giant on Monday said it’s slashing 6% of its staff, about 600 employees from a total workforce of around 9,800 people. In an internal note sent to employees, CEO Daniel Ek took full responsibility for the action. Dawn Ostroff, head of content and advertising, has also decided to leave the company. The fired employees are entitled to an average of five months of severance, healthcare coverage, and immigration assistance, according the notification on the company website.

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