Xbox Series S down to discounted price of Rs 25,990

The Xbox Series S is currently available at one of its lowest prices on Flipkart. During the Big Billion Days that started early for Plus members, the entry-level Xbox gaming console is listed at the price of Rs 25,990, down from the regular price of Rs 37,990. The Xbox Series S was launched at a price of Rs 34,990, but Microsoft hiked the price by Rs 3,000 due to the dollar-rupee fluctuation induced by the global economic slowdown. Also Read – Sony increases PS5 prices in several markets, will Xbox be next?

The Xbox Series S at Rs 25,990 is the best deal you can get on a gaming console right now. If you are not concerned about titles such as Spider-Man, which is available only on the Sony PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S is worth the price right now. While the Xbox games library has some interesting options such as Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, and Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can dabble with new games every month with the Xbox Game Pass, the Ultimate version of which will give you access to these games on PC as well. Also Read – Eight new games coming to Game Pass for the rest of August

Does it make sense though?

The storage on the Xbox Series S is half of what the Xbox Series X offers. It is 512GB only, which may be a concern for players who like to download a lot of games. But you could expand the storage using the Seagate Storage Expansion Card for the Xbox Series S. It comes at a price of Rs 22,999. So, if you opt for the expansion card, the total package of the Xbox Series S will cost you Rs 48,989, which is lower than the price of the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series X is not available right now on Flipkart and is definitely not on offer right now. If you are not finicky about the Xbox Series X, the Series S will do just fine and at a lot less price. Also Read – Xbox Series S console price in India reportedly increased

Over and above the discount, you can use an ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, or Flipkart Axis Bank credit card to shave more money off the deal.

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